Brian E. Ingalls

Brian Ingalls

Brian E. Ingalls is one of the founders of Woodhouse and has been a Member of the Woodhouse Board of Directors since it began in 1974 and highly instrumental in achieving our mission ever since.  In the past he has served as President and Vice-President of the organization.  Brian Ingalls is originally from Glen Cove, New York.  He earned a Bachelor of Sciences degree from Georgetown University and a Juris Doctorate from Fordham Law School.

Before his retirement, Ingalls was the counsel to the President of First Federal of Broward and was the Senior Vice-President and Florida Counsel of Glendale Federal Bank.  As well as helping Woodhouse,  Ingalls has served as President of the Community Concert Association of Broward County and as Director of Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen.

Fun fact:  Dr. Brian Ingalls is a super proud grandfather of five and great-grandfather of five.  He is a Gemini who is a pilot, scuba diver, and has a passion for traveling.

                      Robert Lloyd

 Robert Lloyd Photo (1) Robert Lloyd has always had a soft spot in his heart for people who happen to have disabilities and became a Member of the Woodhouse Board of Directors in the early 1990’s.  He was honored to serve as President of the organization for 15 years and looks forward to watching our clients continue to flourish for years to come.  Lloyd grew up in both Georgia and Alaska.  He worked at NCR in Atlanta for eight years while attending Georgia State University.  He also served his country for six years in the Marine Corps Reserves.  After moving to Florida in 1979 he started his own cash register and POS sales and service business and grew it into a very successful company.  

Fun fact:  While attending elementary school in Alaska, Robert Lloyd spent many recesses inside because there were bears or moose on the playground.   

                      Judith Sullivan

Judie Sullivan

Judith Sullivan has been a Member of the Woodhouse Board of Directors for many years serving in various offices.  She is currently the President and Chair of the of the organization.  Sullivan is originally from Peoria, Illinois and received a Bachelor Degree in Art Education from the University of Florida.

Judith Sullivan has always been an active contributor to her local community.  She has spent time as the President of the PTA, President of the Girl Scout Council of Broward County, and President of the Soroptimist Club of Pompano Beach.  She is also a contributing writer of travel articles for Lighthouse Point Magazine.

Judith Sullivan is quite involved with the St. Nicholas Church where she has been a Vestery Member and Senior Warden.  She is currently a member of the Choir and Chair of the concert series.

Fun facts:  Judith Sullivan is an Aquarius who competed in synchronized swimming in High School and was in a performance group in college. She enjoys jazzercise, reading, golf and is an ardent scrapbooker.  Her true passion is travel and the more exotic the location the better.  In recent years she has cruised rivers in Russia, drank llama milk in Mongolia and played with penguins in Antarctica.

                      Leila Moavero

Leila Moavero

Leila Moavero joined the Woodhouse Board of Directors in 2013 and has been a pivotal member ever since.  She is originally from San Francisco, California where she was the Managing Editor of Western Real Estate News and studied Pre-Med at the University of California – Berkley.

After moving to South Florida in 1994, Moavero started a 19-year stint with Executive Printing & Mailing, eventually purchasing the firm in 2011.  She did so well that the following year she was named the Small Business Person of the Year by the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce.

During all of this, she has made numerous contributions to our community by fundraising for the Rotary Club and the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce, and chairing the annual Shining Stars Luncheon that honors other people in Northeast Broward who also give of themselves.  She also sits on the Postal Customer Council of Broward County.

Fun facts:  Leila Moavero is a Leo who collects vases of all kinds from fine crystal and historic ceramics to garage sale chic.  She also has a son who serves our country as an airman.

          Deborah Cline

Deborah Cline PhotoDeborah Cline has been a Member of the Woodhouse Board of Directors for several years.  She is currently the Vice-President of the organization.  Cline is originally from Minnesota where she attended the Minnesota Technical College of Art and Design.   Cline is the owner and Bookkeeper of Doc’s Plumbing Company.  As well, she is very active helping in the local community.  She is a member of the MS Society, Rotary Club of Pompano Beach, Soroptimists International, and works with Dynamos, another group that also helps people with disabilities.  She spends a great deal of her time volunteering.

Fun fact:  Deborah Cline is a Taurus who loves boating, golfing and cycling.  In

 Lee Waldo

Lee Waldo Photo

Lee Waldo has been a Member of the Woodhouse Board of Directors on and off for many years.  She is originally from Rome, Georgia, but mainly grew up in Dallas, Texas.

For the two years, Waldo has been the Hostess of the Sample-McDougald House, a local historic home that is part of the Pompano Beach Historical Society.  However, she is better known for her years of philanthropic work raising money for charities.  Besides Woodhouse, she has been very involved with Adopt a Room for Hospice, helping children in the arts, and serving as a church youth group leader. 

Fun fact:  Lee Waldo is a Taurus who has been the only woman on a men’s softball team, and she has owned a business in Mexico City.   

Tom McMahon

Tom McMahon was raised in Pompano Beach and is part of the first graduating class of Pompano Beach High School in 2001.  Along with being a Director for Woodhouse, Tom has been the President of the Pompano Beach Historical Society since 2016, sits on the Pompano Beach Preservation Board and is host to the McMahon Mix & Mingle.  For the last 4 years his family has hosted the McMahon Mix & Mingle Fundraiser with over 5,000 people in attendance. To date they have raised over $100,000 for 48 non-profit organizations throughout our community.  At just 19 years old Tom was a Store Manager at Winn Dixie when his father and long-time businessman invited him to join in the family business. Following his father’s footsteps, Tom is now a small business owner himself as well as working side by side with his dad.  In his free time, Tom he can often be found lending a helping hand amongst local organizations, attending civic meetings and participating in events around town.

FUN FACT: Tom is literally 1 in a million- Red hair, blue eyes and left handed.